Etsy changing search results page

So, today, Etsy rolled out a new default page when you search. Instead of by recent listings, it's by relevant listings.

If this eventually works properly, I'll be ecstatic. Why? Because a small shop like me and so many others, cannot afford to spend a ton of money every day renewing items so that they stay at the top of the search results. There are many shops out there that spend hundreds a month re-listing items (that's right, paying 20 cents over and over and over again just to keep the item fresh on the listings). I suppose it's advertising but it's kind of ridiculous and totally unfair to those smaller shops that can't keep doing that. So I list an item and in a couple hours it's buried 6 pages deep.

But there are some bugs right now, I think. Mainly, it seems the relevancy is based on tags (not titles as they say in the announcement that it should be), and there are a lot of Etsy sellers who violate Etsy's rules and "tag stuff" - ie, tagging something with "spring summer fall" in the same tag field that should be for 1, maybe 2 RELEVANT words.

I did a little experiment - searched for "baby girl mini album" and I came up on page 4 or 5. I changed one of my tags to actually read "baby girl mini album" and bam, first spot in the results. However, that's technically violating Etsy's rules. Though, Admin for Etsy has said they may change the rules now so that people CAN use multiple words/phrases in tags, as long as they are relevant.

They're also supposed to refresh the searches - so recent listings still get a chance to show up, but it appears most people are seeing the exact same results yesterday and today, with no consideration of the most recent listings.

And oh my did the forums blow up with those Etsy sellers who renew items constantly. They're pissed! "I work hard and spend the cash to renew my items and now my sales are half of what they usually are every day!" Well, boo freakin' who. It's time for the little guys to get a fair shot! Learn to tag your item properly and you'll do just fine, honey.

The thread over in the forums right now, oh, I need a bowl of popcorn.

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