Changing a baby in public

Changing Austin in public is seriously something I dread. I so much would rather change him in the back of my Rav4 than in a public restroom.

A mother could not possibly have designed the current public restroom changing stations. The hard plastic shelf things that pull out of the wall of a handicapped stall, or worse, the wall right next to the door of the restroom so that when someone walks in they slam it in to you. Right on top of a trash barrel, with no place for your diaper bag or the stroller you’ve got with you.

No, if a mother designed public changing stations, they’d be like this:

A private stall, just for moms with babies. (Or dads with babies – similar to a family restroom but better). There’d be a toilet and a sink, of course, for the mom, along with one of the little seats I see in SOME restrooms to strap the kiddo in if you don’t have a stroller to do the job. There’d be ample room for a stroller. There’d be not only a hook for your purse but a nice, wide shelf for your diaper bag so you don’t have to hold it on your shoulder while you change the baby because you definitely don’t want to put that bag on the floor of the dirty restroom. The changing table itself would be like casino toilets – with a push of a button a brand new plastic sleeve cover would come out to protect your baby. There’d be a covered trash can, not directly underneath the changer but close by. There’d be a wipe dispenser. There’d be a little trash bag dispenser for when you’ve got a blowout to deal with and need something to wrap the dirty clothes in. There’d even be a hand sanitizer pump for when you’re finished changing the baby.

Honestly, I’d just be happy with a changing station not near the restroom door or open trash can and with a big shelf for the diaper bag and happily use all my own covers/trashbags/wipes.

Sometimes I wonder just what people where thinking when they design things. Even the ladies room stalls in certain places, when the door almost touches the toilet? Who thought THAT up? In order to get into the stall you have to stand over the toilet? Stupid.

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