Busy, busy bee!

Last night I made a plan/schedule for every day until the show on September 18th. Now, I do plan to take two days off this weekend, Sunday and Monday, to get away for a night with Brad, and force myself to relax and not worry about the work that has to get done.

But yeah, looking at my schedule and the volume of products needed for the show, I am going to be pulling some late nights over the next two and a half weeks. I did give myself a little breathing room, and set things in assembly line order. For example, tonight, my goal is to cut and punch holes for covers for a total of something like 24 notebooks. If I get done with that in enough time, I will start on tomorrow night's task of cutting all the paper for the notebooks. The notebooks are to be finished up on Friday, so if I can do them in 2 nights instead of 3, that would be ideal. And so forth - 3-4 nights on mini albums, same for recipe books, a night on pendants, etc.

I am excited about the show but can't wait until it's over so I can breathe a little easier and work at a slower pace! And, oh man, I'll have to start on holiday cards soon! Crazy!

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