Throw out 50 Things Challenge-Part 1

Last year, I'd posted about wanting to do this challenge. Well, I didn't do it, because I just have a hard time getting rid of things. I get that from my mom, which you'd know if you ever saw her attic, kitchen cabinets, or sewing room.

But today I was cleaning our bedroom and found a multitude of things that I just don't need, and so I decided to finally start this challenge. I got a great start, too. Some items are thrown out, some are being donated, and others are being sold (hopefully). Actually, as I'm writing this, I just sold number 16 for $110! And number 17 just sold for $80!

Here are the first 21 of 50 items:
1 - 2004 World Series/Red Sox newspapers & Sports Illustrated magazines, put up on eBay
2 - Shaquille O'Neal Rookie Card & Power Rangers Comic - put up on eBay
3 - Old iTunes and Amazon gift cards that were used up, don't know why I was saving - throw out
4 - Old felt art thing I did when I was a kid - throw out
5 - Bentley graduation program - thrown out
6 - Britney Spears valentines - eBay
7 - Britney Spears magazines - eBay
8 - Britney Spears calendars - eBay
9 - Britney Spears t-shirt - eBay
10 - Bachelorette party crown - thrown out
11 - Friends magazine special - thrown out (had some crap on the front)
12 - Bride & Groom rubber duckies - tossed the small set, gave the larger set to Austin for bathtime
13 - WWF Calendars - eBay
14 - old medications - thrown out
15 - duplicate BSC book - heading down to Kara
16 - used iPod touch, 1st generation - just sold for $110 on eBay. (In your FACE, who was only going to give me $35 for it!)
17 - Droid Eris -just sold on eBay for $80!
18 - Magnetic sculpture, purchased at one of Shannon's bday celebrations at MOS - heading down to Kara for her class
19 - clothes - donation
20 - puke bucket from my pregnancy days - thrown out!!!
21 - ring box from my wedding band - thrown out

It feels good to get rid of some stuff.

How about you? Would you like to participate in the Throw Out 50 Things Challenge?


  1. This was cool to see, and I dunno why! One man's junk kind of thing I guess :-)

    I always loved the concept of this project, but I throw out everything already!

  2. I'm in, I think I have some things I can send to Kara too. In fact, baby's napping so I'm going to start it right now! I just need to find batteries for my camera (burned them out taking pics of Evangeline yesterday!)

  3. Yay SarahBeth!!! I'm looking forward to your photos :)