Thrifty Thursday: Ribbon and Embellishment Storage

I recently picked up some clear glass jars at the flea market for just $20. (22 total jars, in 3 sizes).
Upon spotting them, I thought they'd be awesome for storing my ribbons, which I'd just sorted out by color but were still just shoved in a bin. I took today off from work to get a bunch of things done on my to-do list, and organizing my ribbons and embellishments was one of them.
I used the Autostitch app on my iPhone to create a panoramic of the computer area of my craft room so you can see my pretty new storage.

Some closeups:

I feel so accomplished already! :)

This project just cost the $20 for the jars, which I thought was a good deal (just under $1 per jar). I know, specifically, this gentleman will have more in the coming weeks, so I encourage you to check out a flea market near you. I believe at the least the larger jars are candle jars, so you could also clean out and re-use your empty Yankee Candle jars too!

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  1. Ooh! it looks so neat! Awesome idea... I love when stuff is both cute AND useful!