Thrifty Thursday: Puzzle Piece Magnet Tutorial

I recently was at a flea market and picked up 3 children's puzzles for $1 each. They were missing pieces but it doesn't matter. The intention was to do something crafty with the pieces. I decided to take some from each puzzle and make magnet sets.
First, I put together the puzzles to see what pieces I had.
Next, I separated sets of 6 magnets.
Then, I attached magnet strips to the back with super glue. Yikes! The yellow paper I was using to work on sure is bright in photos!
Finally, I used some acrylic spray to coat the front of the pieces, just for a little protection/gloss.
And voila! A finished set:
I still have one more puzzle to do, but the first Carebears sets and Strawberry Shortcake ones are up in my Etsy shop. I'll be on the lookout for more inexpensive used puzzles.

This project cost me $1 for the puzzle, less than $1 in magnet strips (I cut them from longer sheets) and approximately $3 for the tube of super glue and $4 for the can of spray (I used a 40% off Michaels' coupon). The spray will last several projects.

I also plan to maybe make earrings using some of the pieces, or to alter them, perhaps.


  1. And! You can make a notebook cover out of the box!
    I wouldn't mind owning a carebear notebook myself! :-) Super cute!

  2. Super cute!!!!
    Care Bears were my fav as a wee lass!