Thrifty Thursday: Ink Jet Superstore

Use your own printer for printing your photos for scrapbooking or gifts? Then check out Ink Jet Superstore to save on ink.

Before I upgraded my printer, I used Ink Jet Superstore for all my ink cartridge orders. Why? Because while Staples or other places charge up to $20 for a brand new ink cartridge, I can buy remanufactured cartridges for just $4.50 each. When your printer takes 6 cartridges, that savings is HUGE. And, shipping on any order is only $5.95! I am all about cheap (or free) shipping. And every time I've ordered, my cartridges have arrived within the week.

As for the new printer, they don't yet have the remanufactured cartridges for it, but they do still offer a discounted price on the original cartridges from Epson. I ended up finding a bulk pack on Amazon for a little bit less so I ordered there, but my first go-to site whenever I do need to refill my ink is always Ink Jet Superstore.

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  1. Cool! Thanks for posting this. I will have to look into getting my ink from this site!