Some randoms

I've made a new rule for myself (started last night) that before I get to do ANYTHING on my to do list, I must hit the treadmill. Last night I did a mile - 0.4 running at 4 mph, the rest walking at 3 mph. It always bugs me until I can check the things off my to do list that I need to do, so I figure if I make a rule that I can't do anything else until I run, it'll make me get on that treadmill. My goal is to run/walk every day for a month, when the end of this weight loss competition is.

Along with that, I really, really need to step up my eating. I've been eating pretty shitty lately, and I need to cut it out.

I think I am single-handedly responsible for the shortage of Weight Watchers Smart Ones Santa Fe Rice & Bean meals in Billerica. They are to die for. It doesn't even feel like you're eating healthy.

I decided that while I will most likely ask for that Bind-it-All for Christmas, I wanted a cheaper way to make albums for sale. I ordered 1000 4x4 chipboard coasters for $30 including shipping, with the corners already rounded (I think, that's what the picture shows anyway). And then I took my 40% off coupon for Michaels' and bought one of these for just $24. Allows me to punch through chipboard easily. It also sets eyelets (I do have the hammer & eyelet setter thing already, but this is easier). And it reaches into the center of a 12x12 page, too, which most tools do not do.

Anyway, those two purchases, totalling $55 is much cheaper than just the binder tool alone, without including any of the binding parts or chipboard album covers. With what I bought, I can now put together pre-designed mini albums for sale in my shop, kind of like this (minus the pictures, since this is a completed album). Pages all set to just plop a photo on, with various themes. I have so many scraps (and LOADS of baby related scraps) so I think this will be a really great use of them. I'm quite excited to make them! Mini chipboard albums, coming soon to our paper shop! :)

I love my baby. He's so darn cute. My mom sent me a video of him laughing hysterically at what I think is a pinwheel yesterday. He's been really good lately - he's going down to sleep around 8:30, and he sleeps through the night, for the most part. The past two nights he has awoken, nicely, for a feeding at 3:45, so Brad and I alternate, but the nights before he slept all the way until 5 or 6 am. The 3:45 feeding isn't a problem, actually, because we just get up, he eats in 20 minutes, and back to sleep for everyone until 7 or 8 am. It's really nice having him go to bed earlier, because now we have a little more time at night to get stuff done.

Mama Castner is coming over tonight to scrapbook! I picked out my Project Life photos to print, and at lunchtime I am aiming to print them out so I'm ready to go. I still also need to work on his 2 month album, but I haven't printed those photos yet. I do have the title page for that though, so I can also work on that. Hopefully I'll have some photos to post tomorrow for you all.


  1. I like these posts! A little bit of everything :-)
    I like your treadmill rule! My rule is that when I get home at night, I can't sit down (or do anything, really!) until I've changed into my workout clothes. If I am in my workout clothes, I will absolutely work out... so it's my way of making sure it happens!

  2. That's an awesome schedule you've got Austin on! Good job you guys! :-)

    I'm excited to scrap tonight. Be prepared - I have a trunk full of stuff to give you.
    I have scrap booking stuff I was going to sell on craigslist but I want you to look through it first to see if there is anything you want.
    Then I have stuff for Austin.

    See you later!

  3. Yay scrapbook stuff! I can pay you a little for it, can't wait to see! :)