Project Life: June 25 - July 8, 2011

Here's my Project Life layout for the past two weeks, and some closeups.

I put in a picture from the finished garden, one of Austin in his new baby carrier, one with his 4th of July hat made at daycare, and another of him after he rolled onto his tummy (for the umpteenth time!)
This page has another with his 4th of July hat that I couldn't resist including (the look on his face!), his 3 months photo, some pictures from the aquarium, a picture of Brad when he wasn't feeling well, one of Austin playing with his new toy, and one of beautiful mom-to-be, Ali.

Here's a couple of the shots with the 4th of July hat so you can see them better. They're too cute!

I've also been keeping up with Project 365 - you can check out my recent photos here.


  1. I spotted that little pic of him sitting in the grass on the project life spread.. and I was praying that I'd scroll down and there would be a bigger version of it :-) And thank goodness there was!! New favorite picture!

  2. I love your project life album, too cute! Austin is one adorable little guy, Melissa!