Project 365

In an effort to remind myself to take photos every day for Project Life, I've decided to participate in Project 365. In Project 365, you simply take a photo every day for a year.  I think this will really help me with Project Life, because it will (hopefully) get me to not just take photos when Austin is doing something cute or we are out at an event, but photograph routine stuff, too.

So I don't clutter this blog with photos, I'm planning to use the WordPress site I set up when I was thinking about swapping over from Blogger. That'll strictly be for Project 365 photos. No blogging, no words, just pictures. You're welcome to follow it, or, what I plan to do, is post a link to the site in the same posts I do my Project Life spreads in, so if you want to catch up (as these will not all be printed for my layouts) you can click and see what I've been posting. I will also be posting these onto my Facebook page for this blog, so if you're following me there you'll get to see them too.

My WordPress site is:  It doesn't look like much at the moment - I haven't done any customization. I'll take care of that tonight, along with posting my first Project 365 photo. (I believe all of my P365 photos will be taken using my iPhone, various apps. Easier for uploading and it gives me something to do with my photo editing apps!)


  1. This is great! Of the multitude of people I know who started this project, not one of them finished it! But I think you, of all peeps, might be able to finish all 365 of them! :-) Especially since you need them for your Project Life!
    I love your pictures, so I will definitely be visiting your new digs to see them!

  2. What a nice comment. Sometimes I wonder if anyone really does give a shit about my pictures! It's nice to hear that you do! (even though I figured you did, since you comment, but I think you know what I'm trying to say).

  3. I know what you mean!
    But in all honestly, I am continuously surprised and so impressed by your photography. There are many things you create that I love - jewelry and crafts, but I really think that you have an even more special knack for taking pictures! And I am eager to see a years worth of them! Even if they end up being 365 pictures of my buddy Austin! ;-)

  4. Fun!!! I'm sure that will help you keep up with project life!

    I started a site to share just pictures with family since I'm not on Facebook - trying to do a picture a day on there but I'm okay if I miss a day here or there :-)

    Can't wait to see your pics!

  5. Oh cool! If you've got different stuff than on your blog send me the link! :)

    I haven't been maintaining the Weebly site as much lately, I need to update it with all the recent photos and videos. I think once I get the 3 month shots back from Jen I'll get it up to date and send around a note to everyone.

  6. I emailed you the link. Mostly pics of Cam on there

    I can't wait to see Austin's 3 month pics! How did the photo shoot go?

  7. Oh I think the pictures are going to come out cute! He wasn't very smiley, but she did capture a few. We did some pictures in his Bumbo, some with him on his tummy, and some outside on the grass in front of the updated garden. I can't wait to see them. I imagine she'll have sneak peeks for me this weekend, perhaps :)