Mama Castner referred me to Ohlife awhile back, and I'm passing along the site to you all. Ohlife is a great way to remember each day - they send you a daily email asking about your day, and you simply reply to it. All of your entries are saved on the site, and you can print them at any time. You can attach a photo to your entries, too. It's like a personal journal you might have kept in your nightstand, but online. And all of the entries are private, so they don't get shared like a public blog.

This is a great tool for Project Life, which is what Mama Castner is using it for, or just your scrapbooking/memory keeping in general. I know I'm finding a hard time remembering what we did each day when doing my Project Life spreads, even with the daily pictures! So, I finally signed up (thanks Mama Castner!). Check out Ohlife and kick off your memory keeping!

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  1. Nice!
    I love OhLife! Really helpful with Project Life and memory keeping in general.