Memory Monday: Project Life July 9 - July 15, 2011

Here is my layout from last week:

I included pictures of our trip to New York to meet SarahBeth and Evangeline. I also included a photo of Austin sitting in my chair at my work, a photo of him before dropping him off at daycare on Friday, and a shot of the long line to get into the Harry Potter movie on Friday night.

Harry Potter was an interesting story - we bought tickets online for the non-3d showing. I don't really care for 3d movies. I saw Pirates 4 in 3d and it was tough to really watch, it distracted me, and I don't think it was done all that well. Anyway, it's about 10 minutes to showtime Friday, and behind me, I hear a very familiar sound. I turn around, and there is a baby, not much older than Austin, fussing behind me. Seriously, parents out there, unless it's a Mom/Baby event, don't bring your baby to the movies! A baby is not going to sit quietly through a 2+ hour movie. Have some respect for the other people around you. I left my baby with a sitter, you should too.

Anyway, I asked the manager if we could switch theaters to the next showing, and he said it was no problem. It happened to be in 3d, but I figured I would rather watch in 3d than deal with the baby directly behind me. The manager didn't even charge us the increase for the 3d. As it turns out, Harry Potter was done VERY well in 3d. The effects were incredible, actually, and I could tell within the first 30 seconds it would be much smoother and better than Pirates was, and it was. When the movie was over I could not stop raving about how amazing the 3d was. I'm so glad we saw it that way.

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