Fourth of July weekend, and more on SMASH books

Today, we kicked off the weekend by getting out of work early! We shopped for a few things - a surge protector for my craft room, food and booze for our BBQ with the Castners tomorrow, and a blank book (for just $5) so I can make my own SMASH book. (I couldn't resist, but I do think this one will be worked on at a much slower pace than my other projects).

After shopping, we picked up Austin at daycare, then headed home and did all our weekend cleaning/chores so that we could relax the rest of the weekend. Tomorrow, it's BBQ with the Castners, Sunday is a nice day at home that I'm planning to use playing with Austin and crafting, and Monday, we're off to the New England Aquarium.

Back to the SMASH book. I just bought a soft cover, spiral bound blank sketch pad at Michaels and plan to decorate the cover myself. I plan to use mine for memorabilia and maybe some old photos that aren't in a scrapbook, and ticket stubs from trips or concerts, etc. It also might be a nice place to put some of my iPhone Instagram photos, perhaps, and maybe some coloring I do for fun or something. Pretty much a catch-all.

I thought tonight I'd look around to see what other people are doing with their SMASH books, and I found a neat blog. Smash Stories Blog is a great little blog where she shows off pages from a bunch of different SMASH books she's completed. Great inspiration.

I'm excited to do a few pages maybe this weekend but I am not going to stress about it. I like that I have the book to add stuff to when I choose, but I have other projects that I need to focus my attention on. This is just a fun little side thing.

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