Baby Girl Mini Album

I made this cute mini album last night with my chipboard coasters, some of my scraps and leftover embellishments. These are craptacular iPhone photos (I have better ones on my camera at home for use in the Etsy shop). It'll be going up in the shop in the next day or so, and I have plans for many more mini albums, with themes like weddings, summer fun, love, baby boy, vacations, you name it. I also have plans for calendars and address books (wait til tomorrow's Thrifty Thursday post)!

Anyway, check this out. Took about 3 hours to make, start to finish.


  1. That is adorable!

    I'd love to buy a summer fun mini book from you!
    I've been wanting to make or find a mini book to put all my pictures from this summer into.

    Let me know if you're interested!

  2. I'll make you one! :) You've given me a bunch of scraps and albums and stuff recently, it's the least I can do.

    Besides, you won't get a ton of photos in one of these - I can only fit maybe 10 or 12 photo pages (the one above has 8) in each album because of the thick chipboard...and they're only 4x4. Though, that may work out really well for your Instagram photos!

  3. That is the cutest, sweetest little thing! (ok, not THE cutest, sweetest... we know who that is ;-) ) But its way up there!

  4. That is so darling! I may just have to order one for Cara and Andrew and fill it with Anne's first day pictures