Baby Etiquette

A little note for anyone who knows someone having a baby -

It is RUDE to post on their Facebook wall, or on your own Facebook wall, that they are in labor and/or delivered a baby before the parents themselves have done so or given permission to do so.



  1. Yes! A million times yes! It is the parents' right to share this news and NO ONE ELSE'S

  2. Seriously. Babies are more important than Facebook. Give 'em some respect!

  3. Totally. We made a rule that no one was allowed to post pictures on FB until we did. We kept Charlotte's name a secret as well but didn't even think to tell people not to say anything about that until we did. I had a couple of posts on my wall welcoming Charlotte Anne before I had had a chance to update it myself. It bugged me.

  4. Agreed!

    Shoot, when my brother and SIL had their baby at the end of May, I specifically stayed at the hospital after everyone had left in order to update THEIR Facebooks with pictures! It's the parents' right to announce it first!