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One of my co-worker's little dog ran away last night. He's little. They haven't found him yet and I fear an animal might have gotten to him. She only adopted him a few months ago, which was a tough choice for her because her other dog passed away about a year before and she was so distraught when that happened. This little dog is very, very sweet and I can't even begin to imagine how she feels or what she'll go through if he doesn't come back. I'm sad for her.

Austin was exhausted yesterday from playing with Dave all day (he's off all week, actually) so he went to bed at 7pm and didn't wake up to eat until 5:30am. Then fell right back to sleep until his scheduled (seriously, on the NOSE) wake up time of 7:15am.

I have a Thrifty Thursday post coming showing off a project I did last night.

Tonight I'm headed over to Mama Castner's house for some scrapbooking. I put together two "kits" to make the 2 month and 3 month album pages for Austin's scrapbook. All I really had time to pull together and, judging by how chatty she and I are when we get together, all I'll probably have time to complete, ha.

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