Weight Loss Update

I'm still steady at 1 pound down. I have to admit, I'm not being perfect with my points. Good, but not great. I am under my weekly extra points though, at least. But daily, I'm having a hard time sticking to my daily points. (Which, actually, Britt pointed out I had too low anyway). I go over each day by a couple of points. But I'm still pleased with my progress. I'm using the point system to plan out my meals and what types of things I'm eating. I'm eating lots more fruits and veggies and less fat and carbs, and that makes me happy.

Used the Wii Fit again last night. I'm doing that about twice a week right now. (Finding the time to do that and everything else I want/need to do is really hard).

Today, I am actually going to use a workout video that Shannon posted on her new website, SweatyGirl! I'm kind of excited to work out with my best friend! :)

And I even managed to get Brad to do a little Wii Fit yesterday. Also on the Wii Fit front, I think I'm going to plop in the extra workouts disc soon and try those out. I got that and the extra workouts for the Wii Active just before I got pregnant, so I never really got a chance to use them. I would love to get back to doing the Wii Active 30 day challenge but the lunges used to KILL me and not being in great shape yet, I'm afraid. I plan to actually start Wii Active in a few weeks.

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