Weight Loss Update

I am down 1 pound from Monday. Not much, but it is something! :) Lowest number I've seen on the scale in about 8 months.

I've been eating really well. Not 100% perfect point-wise, but I have not used many of my weekly points and I've been making really good choices when it comes to food.

Yesterday there was cake and ice cream at work to celebrate the Bruins. I used some of my weekly points (no idea how many, to be honest) and I had a tiny square of cake, with no frosting, and 2 tablespoons of ice cream.

Wii Fit told me I was down 2.4 pounds but I don't trust it, because I weigh in with clothes on. I did the 10 minute boxing the other night (in addition to 20 minutes of other exercises) and it wiped me out!

Some of the ladies in the challenge went down for cake yesterday and had full pieces of cake and plates of ice cream and then there was pizza today (I went home instead and stuck to my tuna macaroni salad) and they ate that too. I'm totally going to kick ass in this contest if I stick with it!


  1. Great job!!! My work kitchen right now is INSANELY full of goodies, and I am ALL ALONE HERE. The temptation is killer! But I'll be strong :-)

  2. With the wii fit, you could try always wearing the same outfit (I have two identical little workout suits that I alternated when I was being good on wiifit) so that it's consistent for your weight :)