The Weekend Lens

Ali Edwards has this "The Weekend Lens" post series that I really like, where she posts photos from her weekend. It's inspired me to do the same.

Some of you may know, I just got an iPhone. Mama Castner suggested the free Instagram app, and I love it! So, I'm going to do my version of "The Weekend Lens" using Instagram.

Since I decided to this after this weekend happened, I've only got a few photos to share with you. (And one of them is not actually from the weekend, but I don't care! It's cute!).

Without further ado:

This weekend we set our minds to clean up the garden out in the front of our house. Our builder had planted these terrible bushes out in front. They collected leaves, weeds grew up around them, and they looked horrible. Observe, the before picture:

If you look in the top left area, you can see the hole underneath our steps where Mr. Chipmunk has been living.

We ripped out the bushes, and planted four Hostas (3 different varieties) and five Jeepers Creepers plants (all the same). We also snagged a couple of wild Tiger Lilies from across the street in the woods.

We bought a little stone owl friend at the garden shop, too, and found him a place in the new garden:

Austin decided he loved the garden. (Well, ok, he wasn't home to see it, but I'm sure he would have appreciated it):

And the final picture, actually taken yesterday but I've included it in this post as it also used the Instagram app:

My baby is 3 months old! Tonight, we're having his 3 month photos taken by our photographer, Jen Millian. I am super excited. Might even take photos in front of the new garden!


  1. Looove his little alligator jumper!!

  2. The garden looks great! Nice job Whittakers!

    I can't believe he's already 3 months!
    3 months is soooo cute! :-)

  3. Aw, thanks! I actually enjoyed it, too, who knew?!

    (It helped that I wore a bug net over my head. Didn't have to worry about bees and buzzing things in my ears).