A Walk for Austin

We took Austin for his very first stroller walk today! (Amazing that Grammy didn't already take him). We went to the bike path in Chelmsford. It was a beautiful day :) We walked about 2 miles, my first long walk in a year, and it definitely tired me out. But it was nice to get some fresh air.

 We stopped and took him out of his carseat and let him see the world!

 On our way back, we came across this little guy who had just crawled out of the muck! I tried to convince Brad to let me either bring him to a pond (his had dried up) or bring him home but no luck.


  1. How fun! It was beautiful weather this weekend! Looks like you guys enjoyed your walk!


  2. What a beautiful day to go outside! Down here, we can't stay out for very long because it's so hot outside.

    The turtle will be fine! That's his home and they can travel pretty far to get to water if they need to. Better to leave him there than displace him!

  3. I know, I know ;) When we were younger, we found a baby turtle and took him home and made a little aquarium for him! He was all alone, and he was only a couple of inches around, he really was a baby!