Tasty Tuesday: Baked Ziti and Summer Veggies

This week's Tasty Tuesday was a submission from my friend Britt.

Britt says she leaves out the olive oil, uses 1/2 cup of fat free ricotta, 5 ounces of whole wheat pasta, and egg beaters, and it only comes to 7 Weight Watcher points per serving.

Brad actually made a modified version of this last night - leaving out some of the veggies (we did use garlic and tomato) - and it was HEAVEN. He made a big batch so we can have some for leftovers during the week. Next time we make it, we might swap out things as Britt does for a healthier dish, but after being on a liquid only diet for the past 24 hours, all I wanted was a filling, tasty, delicious dish to stuff my face with. This totally satisfied me.

The recipe for this scrumptious dish can be found here.

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