On a Project Life forum today, someone mentioned a new product called a SMASH book. This is a cool concept, but it got me thinking. We used to do something very similar to this in high school (12 years ago). I still have mine:

I do think the new SMASH book products are cute, but I'm not sure I'd buy one. I would rather buy a blank notebook or sketch book and recover it with scrapbook paper, making it my own. I am thinking of doing this in the future. There's lots of ticket stubs lying around from our honeymoon and concerts and events I've been to that didn't end up in this book or in my scrapbook, and it might be nice to have a spot for them. But first, I need to work on the projects I have now, before I think of going there :)

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  1. I've been reading about smash books all over the place lately. Definitely love using a blank notebook instead.

    Gotta love that ole notebook.