Shannon's post today reminded me how much I loved running when I was doing it regularly. I really enjoyed it. I felt like, as I ran, fat just dripped off me, like sweat.

So tonight, I ran. It almost didn't happen, thanks to an overtired baby who screamed for three straight hours. (Yes, that's what happens when people don't let babies nap!).

Anyway, I turned on my Wii Fit to the free run. Set it for 20 minutes, and hopped on the treadmill (beats running in place). By the way, the Wii is dramatically off in mileage to the treadmill. I did .99 miles total on the treadmill and the Wii recorded it as over 3 miles!

I walked the first 1/4 mile, and then started running. Made 1/10, then 1/4, and then all the way to a half mile! I actually think I could have kept running (I was doing it at a relatively slow pace - 3.5 mph) but as this is the first time I've run in over a year, I didn't want to end up paying for overdoing it tomorrow. I think 1/2 mile is really good for not having run in so long! I walked the rest of the way, just about another 1/4 mile. I stopped at the 20 minute mark on the Wii, or .99 miles on my treadmill.

I'm pretty proud of myself, to be honest! I think if I can keep it up, I can lose weight in no time. When I was running before, I lost a lot of weight.

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  1. Wow! You did GREAT! I guess we'll really see for sure tomorrow, but it seems like your body might let you get back right into it! :-)