Craft-wise - Since I'm caught up on scrapbooking, I've had more time to put towards making stuff for the business. Shannon came over yesterday and made some cute tags as well. Hoping to get those photographed tonight to put online, along with some tags I made. We’re signed up for one show this November (well, I sent in the check, need confirmation that we’ve been accepted, of course), and hoping to sign up for another. Won’t be doing jewelry at the shows, that’ll be strictly on Etsy when I get back into it. I’ll need to change the away message on our Etsy shop, I think, because I’m not sure how long it’ll be before I get more things up.

Made some simple recipe cards using PSE this weekend. I am planning to create a bunch of different designs, and print them and sell packages of 10-20 in different themes and colors. Now that I’m learning more digital design, I’m considering making some .png or brush files for sale on Etsy (cheap), if I can make them well enough. Also thinking of designing Save the Dates (would make the design and the customer could print themselves) or baby announcements. I found a post today from someone who’d been playing around in PSE and made some digital scrapbook papers, and I’m thinking of doing that as well.

The chore calendar and my meal plan is helping me accomplish a lot of things. This Saturday I cleaned the crap out of the bathrooms and laundry room and mopped all the floors, and I did the laundry and got some prime playtime in with Austin too.

Austin is amazing. Seriously, I have no idea how I got so lucky as to have a cute, happy, healthy baby. I don’t deserve it. He is perfect, in every way. He only cries if he’s super hungry, or really, really tired. Otherwise if he wants food/a diaper change/to sleep it’s a bit of cranky noises, you give him what he wants, and he’s content. Him sleeping through the night is a huge help. He loves people. Over the past week he’s really started “talking” and laughing constantly. He was sitting on my chest on the bed this weekend and he just sat there smiling and oooh ooooh ooooh oooohing at me, over and over again, in between giggles. Sometimes I’ll sing and he’ll do that, like he’s singing with me. Loves it when you play with his feet. He, as always, loves bathtime. He’s all smiles through his bath and afterwards when I’m drying him off and putting on his pj’s he just talks and smiles!

I’ve always been afraid of death. It was always my biggest fear. But now that he’s hear, the idea of losing him terrifies me to my very core. On Secret Life, she lost the baby at 36 weeks. I just bawled, and held him, because it was so sad and I kept thinking about what if something had happened to him. I cannot imagine him not being here. He (and his daddy) are my entire world right now.

Going to try to Wii Fit every day now, if I can, because of the weight loss competition at work. I weighed in this morning at 179.9 (I’m 176 at home). I have 2 months. I would LOVE to be back to pre-pregnancy weight by then (164). So, gotta work harder. Gotta stick to eating well, and exercising.

Summer leaves for camp for 2 months next Thursday. Brad’s driving her up there. She heads off on vacation with her mom after camp is over.

Ok, done rambling.


  1. Rambling is fun! And I chuckled out loud when reading "cleaned the crap out of the bathroom" and imagined a very poopy toilet!

    I only argue with one point... you DO deserve that beautiful perfect boy! You've done everything right by him, and you love him so much! You deserve it!

  2. :) LOL, totally didn't intend for that pun!