Project Life: May 28-June 3, 2011

Yay! My first real Project Life week, completed! My weeks run Saturday to Friday, because he turned 2 months last Saturday and I started at that point. I couldn't wait to come home and make up my layout :)

Full layout (minus the insert)
Close up of the pages
Insert (Austin's daycare report for today)
And the layout with the insert included
Here are a few of the photos I used in the layout:

 This one is a picture of Austin's humidifier, and I used Photoshop Elements to add a Lomo effect.
 Font on this picture is called "Throw my hands up in the air." :)

And for good measure, one more photo of Austin, in front of the daycare today. This one didn't make the Project Life layout.


  1. Woo hoo! Nice job on the first week!!

    I think it's so sweet they had a welcome sign for Austin at daycare! Love that.

    Love the smiley bath photos :-)

  2. I missed the sign in the morning! When I went to pick him up I saw it and was all "awwww!!!" :)

    He LOVES his baths so much!

    Thank you :) I LOVE Project Life! I am eternally grateful to you for introducing it to me.