Project Life: June 4 - June 10

Also did last week's Project Life layout.

Layout (minus the insert)
I took a page from Mama Castner's book and stuck in the movie stubs from "Super 8," which Brad and I saw on Friday.
I like that I have a place for all of Austin's daycare reports.

I absolutely LOVE Project Life. I love that I have weekly (or semi-weekly) photos of Austin that I can look back on later. It allows me to really not forget things, to not forget what he looks like, because he's growing so fast!

I have a feeling this week's layout will just be one page - I've only taken one photo this week and there's nothing big planned.


  1. I just love that picture of him in the Bumbo!

    Oh and nice one of daddy and baby watching the bruins! :-)

  2. :) I've got nothing to photograph this week though! I think the next layout is going to cross weeks. :)