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I'll try to keep the TMI to a minimum as best as I can. I've been having some intestinal issues since I gave birth. On Friday, a new symptom appeared and so I saw the doctor, who ordered me an urgent colonoscopy. I spent Friday being absolutely terrified, then got a little used to the idea, and then this morning when I went for the procedure, spent the morning crying because I was still so scared. I had to modify my diet starting right after my appointment on Friday, and yesterday I had to be on clear liquids only, then drink some absolutely horrible tasting stuff to, er, clean everything out.

Turns out, the procedure was a piece of cake, like everyone told me. After all my crying and freaking out, the worst part was taking the tape off from the IV. I didn't feel anything during the procedure (except a small part at the end but it wasn't bad) because they gave me really good meds. I slept through most of it, I think. I DID throw up in the car on the way home, though, almost as soon as we left the hospital. I'd been smart enough to bring some bags with me because I thought I might get car sick. I think this was a result of the meds though. Once I got home and ate something and took a little nap, I felt a little better. Still tired though, and have been dozing on and off all afternoon.

Nothing serious was found, thankfully, but they did take some biopsies and I'll have to wait about a week for the results. They think I might have colitis. There was at least an explanation for the symptom I had on Friday, so I'm glad they solved that mystery. It would be nice to find out what's been causing my other issues, however.

Anyway, I was hoping that the prep would help me lose a few pounds but I actually gained four, which is ridiculous and I'm kind of irritated, so this week I plan to really step up the working out. Wii Fit/Wii Fit Plus, Shannon's workout, and the treadmill!

In other news, Austin is 3 months old tomorrow! This weekend he started rolling over (he did it at my mom's house today too!). And last night I was blowing zerbers on his belly and he was really laughing, not just little giggles but a series of laughs. It was incredibly adorable. :)

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