Household Chores Calendar

I think I've come up with a solution that might work for us. This will be hung on our fridge, so we can check tasks off as we complete them.

I created a calendar in Excel (based off a blank calendar template I downloaded), that includes our daily tasks and space for more, as well as our appointments. Also includes our "days off."

Here's June:

When I get home, I'll print these out on card stock.

If anyone wants to download my template (I did the other months of 2011 as well), you can find the file here. It's got all my info/tasks in it but you can edit it to make it your own.


  1. looks awesome!
    You might also like that app I showed you before.. it's called HomeRoutine. Its cute and easy to use!

  2. I think when Brad and I both have iphones an app will be really handy. Our phones aren't good enough to be able to have a (good) synced calendar on them right now. (We do have a joint google calendar that I've put a number of things in, and it syncs to both of our phones, but it's not really that great).