Household Chores Calendar

I think I've come up with a solution that might work for us. This will be hung on our fridge, so we can check tasks off as we complete them.

I created a calendar in Excel (based off a blank calendar template I downloaded), that includes our daily tasks and space for more, as well as our appointments. Also includes our "days off."

Here's June:

When I get home, I'll print these out on card stock.



  1. looks awesome!
    You might also like that app I showed you before.. it's called HomeRoutine. Its cute and easy to use!

  2. I think when Brad and I both have iphones an app will be really handy. Our phones aren't good enough to be able to have a (good) synced calendar on them right now. (We do have a joint google calendar that I've put a number of things in, and it syncs to both of our phones, but it's not really that great).