Freebie Friday: 5 Digital Scrapbook Papers

I created my first set of digital scrapbook papers this week and thought I'd share them for Freebie Friday. These are .jpg files, so you can use them in any photo editing program. DOWNLOAD LINK EXPIRED


  1. You are on fire lately! How do you manage to do so much?! So impressed! <3

  2. Haha, I don't know. I feel like I never get anything done!

    I'm just lucky. Brad and I switch nights/weekend days so we each have two weeknights and 1 weekend day "off" from childcare to do our crafts. It's not really just for fun though, because we both need our crafts to bring in cash.

    Also, Austin's really good and generally is pretty content in the evenings - either he naps, or he'll play nicely under his activity mat for awhile, and I just put him beside me when I'm doing my computer work so that if he does need me I can tend to him but still try to get stuff done.

  3. i love these colors : thank you ! i share the link here :