After two days filled with googling, designing, and trial and error, the blog is finished. :) Phew!

I adjusted the header again. I found a specific font I was looking for on and changed up the background ribbon sizing a bit.

I removed the divider lines in my sidebar, and added little hearts next to my links and tags.

I moved my navigation bar to the top, and re-formatted it to be evenly spaced out across the blog.

I changed the border around the posts to a single dashed line between them.

I created a new blog button! Squee!

And I customized my search bar.

I am quite pleased with the result! In the future I plan to add a list of blogger tip links to my 'resources' page, so that if you all want to edit your own blogs you don't need to do as much googling as I did. I wish I was well-trained in html and css coding!

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