"But I was talking to YOU!"

Yeahhhh, so leaving work last night, I'm at the end of the street, in line to take a right. I'm on my phone with my mom. The guy in front of me does like, 3 or 4 pump fakes like he's going to go and then stops. Moving out a few feet each time. Finally, I, STUPIDLY, think he goes on his next pump fake, and I see an opening in the traffic and I go. And notice he didn't. I slammed on the brakes but rear ended him anyway.

I hung up with my mom immediately, and offered up my insurance info, but since there was zero damage to his car, he was nice and said not to worry about it. My car had a few dents in the front (one of which Brad already popped out at home), nothing too bad.

I call my mom back (while driving home) and she tells me how I shouldn't be on the phone while I'm driving. My reply? See the title of this post.

So this morning she told me about 6 times not to talk on the phone while I was driving. Thanks mom. That's not what caused the accident, but thanks. I would have hit him on the phone or not on the phone, I thought the guy went!

And I know it's completely, 100% my fault, but of course I'm mad at the guy for pump faking. I HATE it when people do that! That caused a lot of accidents on the old Chelmsford rotary.


  1. Ouch! That's really helpful advice from Mom too. lol!
    I am so afraid of doing that, I have a rule that I won't look at the traffic until the car in front of me has gone!

  2. Yeah, I almost ALWAYS follow that rule. I'm so dumb. I honestly could have sworn he went.