To Do Lists

I cannot understand why my to do list keeps growing rather than getting shorter, even as I'm knocking items off. Life with a baby, I assume!

Anyway, I have a number of things I need to get done, and I'm just slowly plugging along. Today, I completed my Shutterfly order. They sent me 50 free prints for Mother's Day, plus I had my $20 coupon from the Photoshop Elements purchase, so I ordered a few hundred photos. I hate that it ended up costing me $12.50 in shipping charges though. The prints were all free (ok, ok, they cost me a grand total of 8 cents) but so much shipping! That's how they get you! There's no way it costs that much to ship them.

I also put away all the laundry, and did a load of delicates. I wrote out the rest of the thank you cards for the baby gifts that keep coming in, and I filled out my rebate form for PSE.

Also on my list:
  • Go through the bags of clothes for Goodwill (I have 10 bags) and write down how many of each item so I can claim on my taxes
  • Complete the bumble bee tags order and mail by Friday
  • Address the baby announcements
  • Pick up stamps and mail the baby announcements
  • Organize the craft room (this is ongoing, I'd like to get to a point where I can be efficient)
  • Go clothes shopping
  • Wash 2 bags of hand me down baby clothes we were just given, and wash the new baby clothes we received as well
  • Mail Brad's mom's Mother's Day gift
  • Fill out and drop off Daycare paperwork
  • Finish my pregnancy recap entry I'm working on
There's other stuff I know I'm forgetting, and stuff I just am not listing (like, ohhh, cleaning the house! It is a MESS).

Just so this entry isn't completely lacking a photo:

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