Thoughts on Project Life

My plan for Project Life has changed. Since starting this way of scrapbooking, I’ve come to really enjoy it’s organized, simple, really living kind of feel. I plan to finish two more “past” layouts – one for the wedding and one for the baby shower, as I have lots of leftover photos from each and I’ve left room in the album.

After that, I’m planning to pick up the weekly (or semi-weekly) project life format like Mama Castner does. I’m really enjoying this, and I really like the idea of having dated photos of what’s really happening, now, all in what really is the perfect format.

I’m still going to be using Austin’s album for his first year (they’ll most likely be a second album, I think I can only fit 6 months in one album but I’ll have to check on that), and that’ll continue the way I’ve been doing it – specifically themed pages, like I did with his first month. But I love how Mama Castner (and others) are doing the weekly layouts for the whole family’s happenings. So, that’s my new plan.

I’ll need to order up more page protectors!

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  1. Yay!! I'm excited to get a peek into the weekly life of the Whittakers!!! :-)

    Like you said, I am definitely loving the simplicity of project life and how it's organized!!! Plus it'll be so much fun to look back on at the end of the year to see what daily things you were up to!

    I keep joking with Matt that he will thank me for doing PL when we are old and gray and we are arguing over when certain events occured in our life - we'll just whip out the old Project life books and settle things fair and square! :-)