Last night was weird, and I'm frustrated, but not with Austin. Other than that, however, Austin is now, I think, officially "sleeping through the night."

For over a week now he's been having a feeding between 10:30 and 11:30 at night (after a nice bath), and he sleeps until around 6 am. Sometimes he wakes at 5, sometimes he sleeps until 6:30, but this is a schedule I can work with. I can try to go to bed early, though I still have insomnia problems. (I tried the valarium root and am undecided on it's effectiveness, tonight I'm adding melatonin). And Brad will feed him and then go to bed, as he normally is up until around midnight anyway. I'll get up at 6 or 6:30, feed him, then get myself ready for work at 7. Leave the house by 8:15 to bring him to my mom's and get to work for 9. He eats again at 10:30/11 am, 2:30/3 pm, and 6:30/7 pm.

He really is a good baby, I shouldn't complain about the little things I do. But I can't help getting frustrated sometimes and my personality is to vent about it. I really wish I could be a more positive person. It's not very becoming of me to be such a downer all the time.

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