Scrap week

Though I have MANY crafts and projects I need to do, this week I am dedicating to scrapping. I need to finish my pregnancy album (priority numero uno), scrap the first month in Austin's baby album, and I'd like to do I think three spreads in my Project Life album (the baby shower, Austin's birth day, and the newborn shoot).

I've decided that instead of keeping a separate binder for each year with Project Life, I'd like to just scrap specific events, and if I use one binder to cover a few years worth, that's ok. I have specific scrapbooks for, say, our wedding, our honeymoon, and our engagement, and I'll have probably 2 albums that are specific to Austin's first year, month by month, and I have one scrapbook (unfinished) that is for our Orlando trips. But I also have one that was a general scrapbook - I had spreads from various parts of my life, a spread for pets, one for family, etc, and I think that's more how I want to use my Project Life setup. So I'm not tied to anything specific, and it allows me to a) keep specific scrapbooks for something if I choose, and b) use up extra photos, because I inevitably print WAY too many pictures to use in any one book.

Anyway, lots of rambling just to tell you I'll be scrapping happily for the week. I promise to post pictures as I complete things!

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  1. You must post pictures of your scrapping this week! :-)

    I will check my calendar too and see if we can find another date to scrap!