Project Life: Engagement

I finished my first Project Life spread, using our engagement photos.

Here's a look at the full spread:
Closer views of the page of the page on the left:

I did some journalling, which I am not very good at (which is weird, because I'm pretty good at blogging!). I guess I always feel a bit self conscious with my journalling, like when someone reads it years from now I'll sound really stupid. But I am giving it a shot!

Closer views of the page on the right:

I used a vellum love quote in the bottom center slot. The papers are a combination of some patterned papers I've had for years, and a page from my Ciao Bella  "Hello Beautiful" paper stack. This stack was given to me by my mom, and while it's really pretty, I don't think I'll have many uses for it. I found that it's going to be really helpful with my Project Life layouts, as they are lovely patterns and images for the slots.

And a shot of my insert, the newspaper engagement announcement:
I've been struggling to figure out what to do with this for a few years. I didn't want it in my wedding scrapbook (though I did put in a photocopy of it) because I didn't want anything to smudge onto my photos/pages. I've had it sitting in a page protector since it ran, and now I have the perfect spot for it!


  1. Melissa, I mean this absolutely sincerely... you are absolutely beautiful. :)

  2. Aw, thank you steph. That's nice to hear, especially when I feel pretty icky right now.