Pregnancy Album DONE

I must say, as I got towards finishing this album (the last part was the baby shower) I got really...bored with it. I think because my excitement is now for the baby album since Austin is actually here. So, the baby shower section, while it has wonderful photos, is pretty plain, no real embellishments. But, I don't care, it's done.

Here's a selection of pages from the album. There are a lot more I didn't photograph, of course. The album is 40 pages.


  1. Awww ... the last page is so sweet! :-) By the way, I checked my mail finally today and I was so happy to see Austin's birth announcement.

    Cameron wanted to hold it in the car and kept saying "cute" :-)

  2. How did I just see this?! I love it!! (And I like that it won't take up a baby album as much as it otherwise would have. :))