Now accepting!

Suggestions for paper products - both for Etsy and this year's craft show season. I plan to work on batches of Holiday cards and thank you cards, and I think I would like to do those pocket calendars, but I'd also like to have scrapbooking embellishments, so, specifically I am looking for suggestions in that area. What kind of paper embellishments would you be apt to pick up at a craft fair? What would you be excited to see at a table? What would catch your attention and make you want to check us out? Any suggestions welcome - even non scrapbooking items.


  1. I haven't been to many craft shows so this probably seems very obvious...

    But anything with bright spring/summer colors would attract me!!! And I love most anything with ribbon.

    Let me know when you have a craft fair, I'd love to check out your stuff!

  2. We're going to do the one in Westford again this year at St. Catherine's - right now she says it's scheduled in December but they're hoping to get a late October or November date. And, unless the Westford one interferes, we do one in Chelmsford that coincides with the tree lighting in early December. I'll post dates when we're signed up for them, of course :)

  3. Cool!! I will keep an eye out!
    Well then spring/summery colors wouldnt' work for that time of year :-)

  4. I'll still make them! People scrapbook all year! :)