EDIT: I forgot to add the other table I'm planning to get for my photo tent. Looks the same as the two tables below but it's a bit wider and longer to fit the tent and my lights. 

In my neverending quest to create the perfect craft room (let's face it, it's not going to happen until Brad finishes the attic and I have built in storage and a hard wood floor), I have decided to pick up some furniture at Ikea, and swap out some of the mish-mash furniture that's in my room.

I'm going to take out the tall, backless bookcase that's very old and wobbly, and also remove the shorter one that matches. These are cheapies from Home Depot or Walmart or something, so I don't feel bad getting rid of them. (I actually think we'll save the smaller one in the attic).

In their place, I'm adding the following items from Ikea:

This corner table
Flanked by two of these tables:
These tables will add extra work space, and will hold my Creatopia, paper chopper, and printer, and probably some other items.

I'll be getting this bookcase:

The cubes are a little over 13 inches in height/width and 15 inches in depth, perfect for scrapbook paper and binders. (See this picture or this picture for an example).

And then I'll be getting some magazine files for the paper, and I'll be hitting up Dollar Tree for several matching bins/baskets to hold punches, embellishments, adhesives, etc.

I'll be taking my existing, smaller 9 cube unit and moving it behind my gateleg table I already own, which will be moving to a new location in the center of the room. That unit will house my supplies.

By moving my scrapbook paper, my previous scrapbook paper drawer unit that I got at Joann's will be used for my rubber stamps.

Seeing as it's a 3 day weekend, we'll be hitting Ikea first thing Saturday, and then I'll have 3 days to get all the units put together and work on organizing my room to be efficient. I'll need to clean up the closet space, and they'll be a multitude of items heading up to the attic for storing.

Eventually (probably not in the immediate future) the big fat tube tv that's in my room now will be replaced by a smaller flat screen, but I'm not sure if that's in the budget right now. (Actually, I'm taking out a small "house loan" for this project anyway). 

I'm excited to get this project rolling.


  1. How exciting!!! :-) Can't wait to see pictures when you get the new set up!

    I went to IKEA with my mum and brother last weekend ... got lots of goodies....I was on a mission to get something to organize all of Cameron's books, which I did get, but wound up buying other things not on my list :-) Too many tempting things there. :-)

    Have fun!!!

  2. Thanks! I'm excited! I want to see what you did for Cam's books! Make a post!