Freebie: This Moment Overlay

My first overlay! Inspired by Mama Castner's Friday "This Moment" posts, I've created an overlay. I created one in black and one in white. DOWNLOAD LINK EXPIRED

Here are examples of both.


  1. I LOVE this!! Wishing I got photoshop elements! argh! I wonder if I can do something like this in Picasa. I'll have to play around.

  2. You might be able to do it in Picnik? Not sure, as I don't have the pro account.

    But you know, you CAN get GIMP ( - it's free, and it is pretty much exactly Photoshop (the real Photoshop). There's a few things you can do in there that you can't do in Elements - like the rounded border.

    So if you download Gimp, and look up a Photoshop tutorial, you can pretty much re-create it in Gimp exactly.

    Might save you buying Elements. I'm happy with Elements because it's stripped down a bit and a (little) more user friendly than Gimp, but if you take the time to read the tutorials, Gimp is really useful and works really well. I've got both running on my computer right now, because I do stuff in both of them.


  3. @liannallama - you are welcome! I should have more freebies coming this Friday :)

  4. so sweet ! thanks for sharing ! i share the link here :