Craft Room Re-Org

Shannon helped me finish organizing my craft room today, and I've got pictures to show off!

"Panorama" view from the door

Closeups on each area:

Bookcase holding my scrapbooks (both in progress and completed), binders with stickers, stencils, and my stamps and shapez catalogs, embellishments, punches, adhesives, scissors and markers.
The bookcase on the left is for my Creatopia stuff, and the large cube bookcase has 8.5x11 card stock, magazines, and books (among a few other items). The paper tray on top near the window is for printer paper and photo paper. And the drawers hold photos, printed images for coloring, and project life stuff.
This set of cubes is a bit of a "catch-all." Holds photography supplies, coloring books, ribbon, and miscellaneous tools. The colored cart is for all my 12x12 scrapbook paper.
My tables - there's a corner table flanked by two rectangular tables. The corner table has my printer and a bin for photos, and a magazine file for notes. The rectangular one has my copic markers, some gel pens, and my paper trimmer. There's room for my laptop in front of the printer, too.
This table has my Creatopia, and underneath are drawers holding my packaging supplies and cardboard.
My photography table. Space for my tent and an area to photograph using natural light.
A view of my craft table.
I have a spinning wooden organizer I got for just $2 at 5 Below, and a compartment storage container for my most frequently used punches and adhesives.
Another shot of my card stock storage.

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