What a day!

We had Austin's newborn photo shoot today! Jen Millian came to our house with all her equipment and we set up in the eat-in area of our kitchen to take photos. I cannot wait to get them back. I got to view them on the camera and they look fantastic! There are some sweet ones of him on his belly, and there's a really amazing shot of his feet with Brad's hands around them in a heart shape. Also, a cute one of him holding Brad's wedding ring. There are some where he's snuggled in some of his baby blankets, and then several of myself or Brad or both of us holding him. We even got shots including Summer. I am beyond excited for them.

Of course, there were lots of naked shots, and so he peed on Brad, and while I was holding him, he had a poop EXPLOSION (which amazingly enough did not get on me at all!). Now he's all tuckered out and is sleeping soundly. :)

Tomorrow, we're getting to see the Castners ;) Yay!

Oh! And during the shoot, Austin's belly button stub fell off! Woo hoo! :)

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