Project Life

Lindsay gave me a new project. Dammit, girl!

Anyway, as I'm going to be doing a more traditional Creative Memories style scrapbook for Austin's first year, I don't think a full kit for Project Life is for me, right now.

So I am going to order a set of each style page protector (that'll be 24 sheets total) and go from there. I mentioned to Lindsay, I think I'll just make layouts with these page protectors when something big happens. Specific events or milestones, rather than how I'll be doing his first year album, which will be by month, even if that month is boring as heck. Right now, Austin doesn't have a lot going on.

So, thanks Lindsay, for the idea. I'll post layouts as I make them, it might be awhile. But I felt an overwhelming urge to buy the page protectors now!

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