Printer woes

When I bought my MacBook, they had a $100 rebate offer on any printer. There was one for $100, an Epson, and I've had really good luck with Epsons, but they didn't have it in stock. I was due that Saturday, so instead of trying to get there in the next week to get it before the rebate period expired I upgraded to an HP for $150.

The thing has been nothing but problems. Even the $50 I spent on it was too much. It was a piece of absolute JUNK. It's wireless, but I'd have to go and unplug it and plug it back in to get it to work every time I'd print. I have had numerous issues with the print heads and print quality, and today, after only 20-30 pages printed on it, it's now reading that I'm almost out of ink in every cartridge. I've gotten the blue screen of death on the front panel several times recently. It's just nothing but trouble.

So I called the Apple store, without much hope since I am out of the 2 week return period, explained the situation and how awful this printer is, and they agreed to let me exchange it for that $100 Epson (they'll refund the difference to my credit card). I'm going to try to get up there tonight before I get a visit from Ali and Britt.

Just aggravating! I've never had good luck with HP products.

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