Ink About It

There's a store in Westford that Mama Castner has been telling me about, and I finally got to check it out. Ink About It is a stampers DREAM. They have so many rubber (and clear) stamps - all over the store, and all really unique. The fancy kind, that you can't really buy at Michaels.

I picked up this beauty today, and I cannot wait to try it out!
I stopped at Michaels and picked up a blender marker for my Le Plume set, that might allow me to do the affect above - where the colors are blended together. The above was done using Copic markers, but those are pricey! Before I start shelling out cash, I better learn how to do the technique.


  1. I'm so glad you finally checked it out! I knew you'd love it there. I love how they show examples of how you can use the stamps. Love that place!!

  2. I am already counting the days til I go back!