Copic Markers and Prismacolor Pencils

Wow. It took me awhile to hit the purchase button on what I just bought, but Brad talked me into it. I used birthday money, and purchased this set of Copic markers. The colors included are here.

That by far is the biggest craft-related purchase I've made other than the initial investment into a large supply of beads I made that started the jewelry business. But Copics are the best. I spent several days researching. I even tried to mimic them by using the stamping markers I had but they are not the same - Copics are alcohol based, and my Le Plume ones I got on sale for $9 at Michaels are not. They'll still be handy for coloring directly on the stamps, but Copics are for coloring IN the stamped images.

Brad had a very good argument why I should just buy them. He said, look at me, I bought an inexpensive table saw, and it's pretty much crap. I bought other inexpensive tools, and they all have problems. Instead of buying cheaper and having it not live up to what you need, buy the best. So I did. I did opt for the economical (ha!) version of the markers - the 72 piece sets of the sketch markers run $330 per set, and there are 4 sets.

Now, last week I posted about a new stamp I'd purchased. After buying this stamp, I started researching methods people used to color in stamps (where I learned about the Copics). I found that some people used colored pencils. Specifically, Prismacolor pencils. These are not your everyday, Crayola colored pencils that most of us are used to. These are high end artist pencils. I had a 40% off coupon for Michaels, so I purchased a set of 36.

I used them to color in my stamped image on a card, and here is the result. Not bad for a first attempt. I totally had to learn how to color again, too :) But I love how smooth these pencils color, and how nicely they blend together. I could use a little more blending on the background, but I am just loving how pretty the flowers came out.

Anyway, that's all I've got to show you today, but I promise, once those Copics come in, there'll be more to come!

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