Baby update

Time for an update here.

Let's see. Regarding me - I'm doing really well recovering. I have almost no pain, really just sore when I first wake up from sleep. I've cut my pain meds doses down to half. (Tylenol and motrin). Oh, I should mention the issue with pain meds. So, I had posted on we'd how I was on percocet. Shortly after that post I had a ton of this searing, burning pain in my incision due to movement, and this nurse kind of forced me to take a second perc. Now, I never wanted perc in the first place because in the past every single time ive taken it, I've thrown up. I was afraid of taking it for this but seemed to do ok with one every four hours, with lots of food. Well, as soon as the second perc hit I got very sick. Insane dizziness and nausea. I threw up overnight with it too. So, I finally convinced one of the nurses to PLEASE let me swap to regular Tylenol instead. Since then, nausea is gone and I do t feel I need stronger pain meds. I mean, it now barely hurts at all. I am still having an issue with high blood pressure, one that really started at the induction. It's my diastolic that's high, so they might put me on bp meds but it's supposedly normal.

As for Austin, this kid is doing amazing! His birth weight was 7 pounds, 14.9 ounces, and his discharge weight was 7/14.6. Today, his pedi had him at 8/7. He gained 8 ounces in just two days! He is eating really well now, though we have had to wake him for feedings most of the time. Friday night, our first night home, was really rough though. He was fussy all night and both of us only managed an hour of sleep. Yesterday we swapped to sleeping in shifts, four hours at a time, and now we are both very rested. We are going to do the shifts for at least half of is week and then adjust to prepare for brad going back to work. It helps having baby downstairs while one of us gets sleep upstairs because we can shut off worrying about him and just focus on sleep. That's really helped my anxiety.

Edit: sorry, got interrupted. Wanted to also say that I'm down 17 pounds from my weight when I went in for the induction a week ago. Woo hoo! I gained a total of 40 during the pregnancy (all those big macs).

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