Austin Sneak Peeks!!!

Omg, they're so cute!

Here's a preview, the rest are under the jump.


  1. These came out beautiful! You all look great!

    I love the one with you holding Austin and he's asleep. You look so happy holding your little man.

    And I love the one with the heart around his tiny feet!
    I literally was saying 'AWWW' with each new picture I saw!

  2. Thank you! I am totally in love with these pics!

  3. Soooo much cuuuuute!!!
    I especially love the one of him [already!!] sucking his thumb. And the one with his hand in a wedding ring. :)

  4. Thanks Gena! :) He was sucking his thumb when he came out, actually! :) Since then it's only been sporadic thumb sucking ;)

  5. I love these photos, they are so amazing! Austin is a cutie, and you are the most wonderful looking family. :)