Livejournal is down, so I'll have to post this over there later, but just wanted to post a little update.

Things are going really well, aside from a few issues:

Austin is doing great. He is eating well, sleeping a ton, and doing his business as he should. He had his circ yesterday, cried for about a minute, I fed him and then he cuddled up on my chest for a few hours. So sweet. His weight is down only a few ounces, to 7 pounds, 11.2 ounces (7/15 at birth).

I love cuddling him :) I swear, it's true, there is NOTHING more awesome than holding a sleeping newborn against your chest. Well..maybe it's even better when that newborn is awake and just kind of checking you out ;) He has the cutest eyes!

Apparently, he looks just like me when I was born. My mom brought in my baby picture and it's true! I'm still trying to catch a good shot of him with his eyes open so I can compare them but everyone who's seen him in person, he's the spitting image of me! :)

Something Brad told me yesterday - right about when they were having trouble finding Austin's heartbeat, he said I went super pale, almost gray, and he got really worried. He said I didn't look ok and it really freaked him out. I thought since at that time they said I was 8-9 cm I might have been going through transition. It's weird to hear him talk about being concerned for me though. He's such an amazing man. I know how hard it was for him to hold my throw up buckets the whole labor too, and he did it without issue. He held me and rubbed my head and kept me as calm as he could. And now he's just taking care of both of us and he's just awesome. I couldn't love him any more, I don't think ;)

I do not care for student nurses and had to ask the head nurse today if I could not have visits from them. Yesterday's guy wasn't awful, but still just kind of...slow. Today though, this woman was in our room for 40 minutes! She checked things none of the others checked, was super ridiculously unprepared when taking vitals, Brad and I had to tell HER how the machine worked. Duh. Anyway, I didn't realize I could opt out of having the students come in (today's visit was just SO intrusive), but SarahBeth and Shannon both told me I could, and so I asked and no more students!

I feel much better as the time passes. I'm alternating with 1 Percocet and 1 Motrin and that's really keeping any pain at bay. The worst is just getting in and out of bed. Once I'm up I feel pretty good, and once I'm down I have hardly any pain aside from gas bubbles.

Tired, definitely. I didn't sleep much the first night. I did manage 6 hours last night (we left him in the nursery again but we're taking him with us tonight). I totally missed him last night after we dropped him off at the nursery, too, it's funny. I already don't want to be apart from him. First thing this morning I walked right down to the nursery and got him :)

Oh, yeah, I'm walking and everything. Pretty much once they took the catheter out yesterday I started getting up on my own and I'm doing well at that. I've held and walked with Austin, though I haven't tried actually picking him up on my own, not sure I have the muscles for it yet, but soon. Took a shower yesterday, about to take another and put on one of my own nightgowns, I think.

I just love this little man!

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  1. I can't remember if I've said this yet or not, but this photo is my favorite of you and Austin. SO MUCH LOVE.