St. Patrick's Day

Bunch of randomness in this post:

Tuesday I cleaned the entire house like a crazy woman. I did two of the bathrooms, the livingroom, scrubbed the crap out of the kitchen, did all the laundry, all the dishes, and a bunch of other miscellaneous cleaning.

Yesterday I ran errands, again, like a crazy woman. It was pouring rain, but I ran to two different Apple stores to get a printer, dropped a check for Japan off at my work, went to Target, to Babies R Us to get a 2nd pack & play, drop off said pack & play at mom's, and to CVS to get a prescription and gift cards for my uncle's birthday next week. Then came home and set up the printer and did another load of laundry (thanks for hiding your dirty clothes, Brad).

Last night and this morning, I'm having I guess Braxton Hicks contractions, though they're definitely getting stronger than they were before, and I'm having lots of trouble breathing. No real pain though, but I am having cramps in my lower abdomen off and on.

Trying to get used to my mac still. Things I like: it's smaller & lighter than my Dell, the keyboard is clicky, which I like, while my Dell is more of a soft key, being able to scroll on the trackpad by just dragging two fingers, the display is more vibrant than my Dell, and I like the built in email program. I like not needing an antivirus program. I like how certain things install, but I also don't like how other things install (just taking some getting used to). I like that the charge port is magnetic, so if you trip over the cord it will just pull away rather than pulling the mac with it.

Things I'm having trouble getting used to: that programs have a toolbar at the top of the mac screen, rather than on the app itself like a PC, right clicking with the trackpad, not having tabbed windows in safari (though I think there's a way to do this that I just haven't figured out yet), not figuring out how to look at a list of my images without opening iphoto. (When I go into finder, and to pictures, I see iphoto library, but clicking on it opens up iphoto, rather than opening another level of folders and images).

Going to just chill out today and watch some movies and TV. I like that I got my to do list done, so I can relax.

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  1. I picked today for the baby pool, C'mon Austin!!!!